-- A 45-minute creative dance class for the 3 &4 year old. The basic beginning fundamentals of ballet along with rhythm and fun songs to sing and dance with will be taught. This fun class will focus on large motor skill development, skipping leaping, jumping and clapping to music.  The dancers will also tumble on mats for approximately 15minutes of the class time and work rolls, handstands and cartwheels. These dancers will perform 1 dance in our spring recital.

INTRODUCTION TO DANCE/MOMMY and ME (Only offered in summer) -- This is a toddler/preschool dance class,  one of Studio Dance‚Äôs most popular courses. An Introduction to ballet, song & dance and tumbling for 3 & 4-year-olds. We ask that an adult take part in class with the child. Learn beginning dance and enjoy each other's company and proper spotting techniques.

5-6 BALLET, TAP, TUMBLE COMBO CLASS -- This hour class is for the five & six year old and expands on more ballet technique. Tap is introduced as well as 15 minutes of tumbling. A continuance of motor skill development and rhythm awareness. These dancers will perform 1 dance in our spring recital.

COMBINATION BALLET, TAP, TUMBLING CLASS -- Ages 6 through 10, will be grouped by age & ability level for this 90-minute combo class. Ballet and tap technique, intro to jazz and approximately 15 minutes of tumbling will make up the class time.  The children will begin to memorize dance combinations of various steps they accomplish, and this is a great way to introduce them to the varieties of dance available to them. Dancers may also add on additional 45-minute hip hop and tumbling classes.


BALLET -- The backbone of a strong dancer, with barre and floor work that incorporate skills from classical to contemporary ballet steps. Pointe for the dancer who has advanced form (must have prior approval  from the ballet instructor and be actively taking ballet class). Lyrical dance is offered for the dancer who is at least 10 years old, has a good ballet background and is enrolled in ballet class,too. Lyrical is a contemporary dance form that incorporates jazz and ballet techniques while showing classical lines and movement.

JAZZ -- Technique, across the floor work, and combinations to jazz/hip hop music. Hip hop is very popular these days, and we use edited music when needed. We also incorporate different jazz styles into our technique such as musical theater and Broadway-style technical skills.

TAP -- Allows us to teach rhythm and timing. Tap technique, with nostalgic to modern music, will be explored. A greater sense of musicality will be developed.

TUMBLING/ACRO -- We strive to work individually during tumbling class as each student develops their tumbling skills at their own pace. Upper body strength, flexibility, coordination  and tricks incorporating handstands and various aerial tricks will be taught as each student is ready physically to work added degrees of difficulty.

CONTEMPORARY --  Jazz, modern,& ballet fusion would be description for our contemporary class. Ballet background needed to make class enjoyable for all.

Modern/Lyrical -- Our modern classes combine a variety of techniques. All classes include use of the floor in addition to center and traveling combinations. This contemporary style allows dancers a wide range of motion and emotion.

JUMP, LEAPS, TRICKS & TURNS --  Improve turn technique. Learn special jumps & tricks. Good for the solo dancer to have new & improved showy stuff for routines. 

HIP HOP -- Is a  dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping.

PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS -- By appointment. Privates enable the dancers who enjoy competition on the solo, duet, & trio level or the dancer who wants to strengthen skills and work more than the once a week.

Enrollment in Studio Dance September through May curriculum is definitely encouraged as well.

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